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Ishitei Furano (hereinafter referred to as "the hotel") respects the privacy of those who use this site (hereinafter referred to as "users").

We have established the following personal information protection policy, and we will endeavor to properly handle, manage and maintain personal information in accordance with this policy.


Privacy policy [Personal information protection policy]

◆ Definition of personal information

Personal information is information about the user himself / herself, and means information that can identify the individual user by the name, address, and other descriptions contained in the information.

◆ Collection and use of personal information

We may ask for your personal information in order to use it within the scope of the following purposes.

  • ・ Providing information from the museum that the museum has determined will be useful to users

  • ・ Contact when it becomes necessary to contact the user for some other reason * In either case, please provide the information at your own will.

◆ Provision of personal information

The museum will not collect or use the personal information of users without the consent of the individual. Even if you agree, we will use it only within the scope of your consent.

In addition, the personal information will not be provided to a third party except with consent or legally required. Based on the personal information provided, the museum may publish the aggregated results that have been statistically processed so that no individual can be identified.

◆ Scope of third parties

The person who receives the personal information in the following cases shall not be a third party.

  • ・ When we outsource all or part of the handling of personal information to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use

  • ・ When personal information is provided due to the succession of business due to the merger of the museum or other reasons



[Inquiries regarding personal information]

Naturax Co., Ltd. (Furano Natulux Hotel)

1-35 Asahimachi, Furano City, Hokkaido 076-0026

TEL / 0167-22-1777 (Representative) FAX / 0167-23-1070

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