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111カメラマン撮影 (309).jpg

Room 111


​Unit size:103㎡

Accomodation:2 to 6  guests

Bed size:Two king beds(180 cm x 200 cm)、

         Two sofa beds(100 cm x 200 com)

Unit details:1F)Kitchen・Dining room・Living room

              2F)Bedroom・​Bathroom・Shower room


The theme of this unit is "​宙" Sora (Sky).

Feel nature all around the unit. 

Please cherish Furano's fresh air!

111カメラマン撮影 (311).jpg

The Sansevieria and Ivy indoor plants are settled inside.

The Sansevieria is said to be a “Forever lasting”,

and evil ridding plant.

The negative ion is admitted and when put at the entrance,

it is said to bring good luck.

111ダイニング (25).JPG

An iron steel shelf is positioned on the wall

and a Minotti sofa in the middle of the room.

The impressive TV stand is made

of Aphanathe aspera wood.

 The marble and wood kitchen resemble the warmth

and color of mother nature. 

The dining table is made of one piece

of Aphananthe aspera wood

and the the light fixture is a striking design

that is made with carved oak log.

The dining chairs were specially designed for this room. 

111ベッドルーム .JPG

The 2nd floor has two bedrooms,

each with a king size bed and a sofa bed

; up to 3 people can stay in each room.

The oak floor give a warm feeling of nature

to the 2nd floor rooms. 

111カメラマン撮影 (329).jpg

The closet doors, head boards and door knobs

are covered with grey leather,

please indulge in the space that was created

in the extraordinary harmony of oak and leather.

In the closet, a small glass shelf and safe box uniform

to the other rooms are inside.

The bathroom was carefully made

through wet construction.

Unit Features

【Living room】 

  • Floor heating

  • Ski rack

  • Air purifier

  • Washing machine

  • Fabric refreshing spray

  • Air conditioner

  • Cordless vacuum cleaner

  • TV

  • Alcohol disinfectant 


  • Steam iron

  • Panel heater

  • Air conditioner

  • TV

  • Safe box

  • Body towel

  • Face towel

  • Hand towel

  • Bath mat

  • Hair dryer


  • Cookware

  • Microwave oven

  • Refrigerator

  • Electric kettle

  • Wine cellar 

  • IH

  • Dish washer

  • Rice cooker

【Other Amenities】

  • Toothbrush

  • Hair comb

  • Shaving Razor

  • Hand soap

  • Shampoo

  • Conditioner 

  • Body soap

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