Frequently Asked Questions

Your stay

Check-in and Check-out

Check-in is from 3 pm. Check-out is untill 10 am.

Can you store your luggage after check-out?

We can temporarily store your luggage at Furano Natulux Hotel. Please transfer the luggage to the front reception desk.

What is the Cancellation policy?

Cancellation fee will be charge in accordance with the Accomodation Agreement and or the Accomodation Plan's cancellation policy.

Are pets accepted to stay?

We regret to inform that pets are prohibited.

Is food allowed inside?

Yes, each unit is equipped with a full kitchen, we invited to enjoyyour meal.

About Ishitei Furano

Ishitei Furano is a 6 unit Maisonnette style accomodation space. Depending on the unit, up to 6 guests can be accomodated. Each is a 2-storey unit where the first floor consists of a living room, kitchen and restroom. And the second floor consists of the bedroom and restroom.


Due to countermeasures for Covid-19, all guests must first take their temperatures and therefore check-in first at Furano Natulux Hotel before heading to Ishitei Furano. We will provide directions to Ishitei Furano at check-in.


We ask guests to check out by 10 am. We do not offer extended check-outs. Please check out using the hotel tablet placed in the living space area.

What is the rate for children?

Guests older than the primary (elementary) school age are categorized and charged as adults. For children in the primary school age and under may stay as a co-sleeping guest. Please be aware that we do not have any baby beds.

Your Guest Room

Is smoking allowed?

No, Ishitei Furano is a smoke-free facility.

Please tell the specific features of the unit.

Features, kitchen, living room. bedroom, and bathroom. Home appliances are included to assist for extended stays.

What are the amenities included?

We prepare the below: Bath towel, face towel, hand towel, bathmat. Shampoo, conditioner, bodysoap. Hand soap, hand disinfectant. Toothbrush, shaver, cotton set, coffee capsule.

Any additional items for use?

Phone chargers, extension cords, lan cables, thermometers and nail clippers may be loaned for use.

Is there internet service?

There is wifi service. Please confirm the username and password on the accomadation information given at check-in.

Is there any room service?

We do have any room service to provide. We reccomend local restaurants nearby Ishitei Furano.

What are the electronic appliances included?

LCD TV, air conditioner, air purifier, washing machine with dryer, vacuum cleaner, IH cook top, oven microwave, wine cellar, dishwasher, rice cooker, electric kettle, steam iron, hair dryer are prepared in each unit.

Is there a DVD or Blu-ray player ?

No, DVD or Blu-ray players are not included in the rooms.

Can you watch youtube or netflix with the TV?

Through your own account youtube and or netflix may be viewed.

Is there is a smoking room?

No, we do not have a smoking room. Ishitei Furano is a smoke-free facility.


Is there parking?

There is a parking space (one car per unit) at the entrance. If you will be needing more than one car space, please confirm with us beforehand and we will inform you of the Furano Natulux Hotel parking space.

Is there any transportation service to and from the airport/station?

We do not have any transportation service. From Asahikawa Airport we reccomend the Lavendar Bus. From Furano station to Ishitei it is apporximatelty 1 minute on foot. For details for directions and transportation information, please refer to the "Directions" page.

Can you reserve taxi service?

Please inform the front desk, and we will reserve you a taxi.

How far away is it from Asahikawa airport?

Approximately 45 kilometer, a 50 minute drive by car. 1 hour using the Lavendar bus. Please see the "Directions" page for more information.

Local Area

Is there an hospital nearby?

The nearest hospital can be reached 10 minutes on foot.

Is there a convenience store?

The closest convenience store is the Lawson inside the Kyokai Hospital (10 mins on foot). There is also a 7 eleven nearby.

Is there a bank and or atm nearby?

Within 5 minutes on foot, there is a Hokkaido Bank, Hokuyo Bank, Shinyo Bank. And also there is an atm inside the Lawson and Seven Eleven convenience stores.